5 things we loved in March 19

So as we move into April – let’s take a look at our 5 favourite business related articles that we found on the good old web in March.

1/ Whilst I’ve always enjoyed having great line managers, sadly that’s not always the case for many people. Over at Forbes Shelcy Joseph has a great article on what makes a bad manager. She makes a great point that generally people don’t leave a bad job they leave a bad manager, so having the right line manager in place is crucial to productivity and staff morale. While some staff generally complain about their boss, this piece puts it into context by offering a number of points on which you can analyse a bad boss against.

2/  If you’ve read some of our posts here you’ll know that we’re an advocate of utilising KPI’s but not just anyway – the right way. Over at directors club there’s an interesting piece about remodelling KPI’s to make them more effective for your business. Periodically revisiting your KPI’s is often a good thing as it helps to ensure they remain aligned with your corporate objectives. Having a structured methodology for reviewing them would stand you in good stead.

3/ Over at sdcexec they take a peek into the role of blockchain with healthcare and how it can revitalise the supply chain issues facing healthcare right now. The healthcare industry offers a complex “play ground” for new technology and seeing how new tools and techniques can be used within this environment usually offers an insight into how these tools can be transferred elsewhere. it’s a fascinating read so go check it out.

4/ Another learning opportunity is to see how businesses react in a time of risk and uncertainty. Evaluating, mitigating and managing risk is a key differentiator in business and the UK’s political impasse over Brexit is causing many businesses to take stock. Over at EandT they investigate how Brexit is impacting the supply chain and how many firms are reacting.

Whilst you may not be faced with Brexit, seeing how corporations deal with situations like this is fascinating. Are they pragmatic and react from evaluation of data or are businesses jumping at the first strategic idea that comes into their head without thinking of the long term consequence?

5 – In March we focussed on what makes a great problem solving model. In our in depth piece we covered the tools, processes and methods that make great problem solving – go check it out!

Have you found some other interesting business posts last month? We’d love to hear about them in our comments section below.