April Round up

So looking back on our favourite business articles from April.

  1. So working hours seemed to crop up a fair bit last month there was the story about the long working week and then the short working week   With loads of editorials on the subject it was a great debate (strangely the long working week didn’t get that many likes).   The facts seems to be that certain industries seem to beg for more hours (healthcare anyone) but as we all know long work hours take their toll on the workforce.   No-one seems to doubt the long term impacts of longer hours and stress in the workplace but alas for most organisations head count is one of the first areas that’s always under pressure which leads to bad working practices in the first case.   What are your thoughts? Do you work a standard week, a longer week or are you one of the lucky ones to work reduced hours?
  2. With UK defence secretary Gavin Williamson fired for aledgedly letting slip certain government matters now seems as good time to discuss what you can and can’t say outside of work.  While politics is a sticky industry at best, I’m sure we’ve all been in the position when , after a hard day, we may discuss matters with friends and loved ones, where does that line end?  If we disagree with something in the workplace THAT much is it right to raise it outside? And when is that line crossed?

3/. We’ve written about problem solving ALOT (Please check out our piece on the Problem solving model!  We think it’s a real differentiator in business and personal development.  Get it right and you have an agile, can do workforce get it wrong and you waste time and resources, this is why we were intrigued at review of Melinda gates problem solving strategy for complex challenges. Go take a look – it’s well worth a read.

4/ And speaking of problem solving, Forbes ran an excellent interview with.   Bill Matassonion the power of systems in problem solving and why it’s all about adding value – another excellent read.

5/. April was a quiet month for us while we gave the site a spring clean so as there were no new posts we thought we’d give some of our old ones a mention  Looking at KPI’s? Why not take a look at our piece on 5 tips for better KPI’s, or why not consider the amount of KPI’s you have in How many KPI’s should your business have?. Finally, why we all love Excel, it really isn’t a Project Management tool

So that’s our April Round up, got some business pieces you’d like to share? We’d love to hear from you in our comments section below.