May 2019 Roundup

Wow, so here we are in June – isn’t 2019 just flying past?

So, as usual, let’s take a look at those articles that caught our interest during May. Remember, if you found something relevant that you think we’d be interested in DM’s us on Twitter.

1/ Given we spend so much of our time in the workplace it’s not surprising the impact it has on our mental wellbeing. May saw a flurry of excellent pieces on the subject including these ones from & How does your company tackle mental health? both on a day to day basis and for staff returning from illness. Clearly most businesses have someway to go in terms of developing practices & processes that deal with the issue effectively.

2/ Driving successful change – Over at they took a look at what makes change management succesful. I’m pointing this article out because it emphasises the people aspect behind change, which alas so many companies get wrong. As the article points out – “users will resist new ideas they don’t fully understand or feel part of.”

“users will resist new ideas they don’t fully understand or feel part of.”

3/ For a data driven description of a Lean Healthcare journey, checkout this one regarding the UK’s Mid Yorkshire Hospital trust transformation. Clearly transformation of healthcare is a hugely complex challenge and the trust adamants that there’s still a huge way to go but I found the article compelling as it discussed

  • The people
  • The processes
  • The measures

It’s a fascinating read from the top down about how the employee is recognized as the most important aspect and one which must be engaged with thoroughly, throughout the process.

4/ Biztimes has a great piece on work based learning. It’s a compelling piece that describes the predicament that many businesses find themselves in where skills shortages combined with the fact that for many, the typical education models don’t always reflect workplace needs.

5/ As we were working on the site last month we took a break from publishing content (although there’s plenty to come during June). So let’s delve back into our past and take a look at a couple of posts on the importance of KPI’s. We had more effective KPI’s, How many KPI’s & common mistakes when creating KPI’s . If you are deploying KPI’s in your organisation hopefully you’ll find them a pertinent read.

So that was our roundup for May 2019. Have something you’d like our readers to take a look at? Fire up the comments section below!