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Businesses will deal with all manner of problems, change and disturbances. The success of any organization is often decided upon by the effectiveness of those in decision-making positions. 

These roles lead crucial tasks, guiding and directing the organization on its mission.

Whether you’re an experienced manager or just starting out, to help you boost your management credentials, we’ve pulled this helpful guide together. This Management guide will cover a range of helpful resources, including tools, methods, templates, and tutorials to help address common needs of management and leadership roles.

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In this guide, we will cover :

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What is Management & Leadership?

First things first – Management & Leadership are not the same thing.

  • Managers have employees that work for them and direct them to undertake tasks
  • Leaders inspire people in support of a vision or plan

Management often occurs at various levels within an organization and covers a broad range of tasks and responsibilities. These responsibilities often vary between industries but tend to cover the same fundamental objectives.

In most organizations, management & leadership go hand in hand, albeit with leadership being the primary focus of the more senior positions.

Managers need to undertake their routine tasks while delivering leadership through inspiration and motivation.

Management & Leadership Skills

Management & Leadership Models and Theories

Management & Leadership Tools & Templates 

Common Questions about Management & Leadership

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